Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Minas Morgul
Client: KARAKTER Design Studio

Key Artwork for the game Shadow of War. This was used mainly as lighting and mood reference.
I've spent quite some time working together with the team from KARAKTER on several lighting variations for each location in the game.

Minas Morgul came towards the end of our line up, so I used our meticulous workflow to set up the scene, establish the lighting and add detail to the scene together with Henrik Bolle. Many other artists used their talents on this wonderful image.

you can take a look at the other variations on KARAKTERs website https://karakter.de/shadow-of-war/

Henrik Bolle – Creative Director
Tobias Mannewitz – Illustrator
Valentin Lessnerkraus – Production Coordinator
Floris Didden – Illustrator
Viktor Jonsson – Illustrator
Kirill Barybin – Illustrator
Sven Sauer - Illustrator
Benjamin Schulte – Illustrator
Sebastian Gromann – Illustrator
Philipp Scherer - Illustrator